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Instructor Spotlight: Marieta Jimenez

Marieta Jimenez
Introducing Marieta.⠀
“Being able to teach swimming is not only fun but very rewarding. I have been teaching for over 13 years having started when I was studying Physical Education and Sports in my home country Columbia.⠀
My methods are based on TRUST…once students trust you, the possibilities are endless. FUN… children learn by playing in a relax environment, with a friendly teacher and RESPECT…in every aspect of the lesson and for every age group this is a priority,. Respect for their decisions, respect for their fears, respect for their choice. It is my responsibility to offer the students different opportunities and know how they react to these so the learn and progress in the best possible way.⠀
 I am proud of my reputation as a top class instructor and am always ready to offer help and advice to any nervous swimmer…or parent⠀
Marieta offers lessons for babies, children and adults every day at Purple Dragon Chelsea and Aquilla Knightsbridge.⠀
Get in contact today to book for the Spring Term.⠀

posted on 10th December 2018

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