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Instructor Spotlight: Icaro Del Mar

Icaro Del Mar

I have always loved to learn different subjects with sport being my true passion. More then 10 years ago I decided that I would like to pass on this sports knowledge. That’s when I decided I would start teaching children how to swim. Back then, I had one thing in mind “I want to teach them a life saving skill”

After a decade of teaching, I can look back and see that a lot has changed. As I grew into the role and learnt how to be a better teacher and I now focus not only on their swimming skills but also how to help them enjoy themselves while learning. I believe that swimming should be a fun activity so learning will come naturally. Children should always relate to swimming as being a very fun and exciting activity and its my job to help develop this whilst they are little.

I strongly believe that children should start having swimming classes very early to develop their feel for the water environment and to grow to be strong and confident swimmers. I cannot remember myself not being able to swim. This is thanks to my own parents who took me to my swimming classes from being a baby.

I would like to take the opportunity to tell all parents that every little helps, so please try to transform your little one’s shower time or bath time into fun moments, plenty of water being poured over their heads, playing with lots of toys and encourage them to start blowing their bubbles! It sounds simple, but this is an important part of their fast development in the pool environment.

I am now the Operations Manager for Swimming Rocks and its a joy to be able to help other Instructors develop their love for this special job, just as I have!

posted on 8th May 2018

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